Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Blackenburg was gentle and personable and explained what he was doing as he worked. I never felt nervous, which is something I have not experienced before. I was always under stress with dental procedures in the past.

“Dr. Blackenburg is a wonderful dentist, and everyone at the office was very likable, kind and pleasant. Dr. Blackenburg’s treatment has probably saved my tooth.”

— Ellen, soft tissue grafting

“I had neglected my teeth and was referred to Dr. Blackenburg by my dentist. I like Dr. Blackenburg’s very informative ways. He is very gentle, and he doesn’t rush.

“The staff is always wonderful and explains everything. They are very helpful. My teeth are in much better condition now.”

— Patti, gum disease treatment

"I went to Dr. Blackenburg’s office for help after losing a tooth. Upon entering the office and meeting the doctor and his wonderful staff, I agreed to let them take care of my problem.

“Each and every time I came to the office for the procedure or checkups, I felt at ease.

“I had very bad experiences at other dental offices in the past, but Dr. Blackenburg and his staff have changed that for me!”

— Kelly, dental implant and bone grafting

“I have had the very best experience with Southwest Florida Periodontics.

“I first attended an evening seminar where I met Dr. Blackenburg and his staff. All of my questions were answered and procedures were explained. The actual procedures were nonevents in that I never experienced any discomfort. I always knew what was going on, and all questions were answered and explained in full.

“Dr. Blackenburg has a superior staff who always checked on my comfort. They are efficient, professional and friendly.

“The procedures have all been easy. I can now eat better and have better health. I highly recommend Dr. Blackenburg to anyone considering dental implants.”

— Roy, dental implants

“Dr. Blackenburg is very friendly and professional. He gives an excellent explanation of all procedures, and he never seems hurried.

“The entire staff is very friendly and helpful. They provide good communication regarding appointments and have accurate billing.

“All procedures were thoroughly explained, and there was excellent follow-up after the procedure. Dr. Blackenburg never seemed rushed, and he took plenty of time with me during each visit.

“Overall, it was a very pleasant experience, and my treatment gave me a long-term improvement in my periodontal health.”

— Steven, hygiene and periodontal maintenance

“Dr. Blackenburg is a great doctor. He took the time to explain my treatment options. He and the staff are very friendly. They were very helpful with everything. Everyone is very caring!”

— Heather — Periodontal maintenance, implants

“Dr. Blackenburg is very gentle, and he doesn’t rush. The staff is always wonderful and explains everything. They are very helpful.

“My teeth are in much better condition now.”

— Patti, tooth extraction

“My dentist recommended Dr. Blackenburg for the surgical part of the implant treatment.

“Dr. Blackenburg is experienced, and he knows what he is doing. He makes you feel very comfortable, and he doesn’t rush things.

“My implant was a perfect fit.”

— Tom, dental implants

“I needed 24 teeth pulled and permanent, implant- supported teeth put in.

“Dr. Blackenburg and his staff were friendly and efficient. They explained everything beforehand, and they didn’t make me feel rushed.

“I can chew much better now, and I am no longer in pain.”

— Brian, New Teeth in One Day

“I was referred to Dr. Blackenburg by my dentist. Thanks to him, my gums and teeth are much healthier. I am smiling a lot more these days.

“Dr. Blackenburg is very professional. He sat down with me and laid out all the steps. I felt he was genuinely interested in my problems. He is really nice.”

— Becky, gum disease treatment

“I needed to have a bad tooth extracted and an implant placed. Dr. Blackenburg was so caring and reassuring. I barely felt anything during the procedure, and my tooth no longer hurts.”

— Eric tooth extraction, implant

“I needed periodontal work and Dr. Blackenburg did a great job. Dr. Blackenburg has a great bedside manner. He put me at ease and kept me very comfortable. My gums have healed very nicely.”

— Judy, periodontal treatment

“I had been afraid to see the dentist because of bad experiences in the past, but Dr. Blackenburg and his staff were so kind and friendly to me. I am happy with the treatment I have gotten and am no longer afraid to see the dentist.

“The staff gave me personal attention and kept me comfortable. I never felt like I was rushed.”

— Kelly, implants

“I came to Dr. Blackenburg to see if anything could be done about bone loss in my jaw.

“Dr. Blackenburg and the staff are so caring. They take the time to ensure I am comfortable and they explain everything.

“Dr. Blackenburg is very capable and knowledgeable. Thanks to him, I have been able to keep my teeth.”

— Tamera, bone grafting

“I came to Dr. Blackenburg with a toothache. The pain is gone and I am happy with the results.

“Dr. Blackenburg is very knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. He uses super up-to-date equipment and explains all the options. He and the staff are very down-to-earth and made me feel at home.”

— Ernie, dental filling

Peer Testimonials

“Dr. Tyler Blackenburg brings advanced periodontal and dental implant treatment to the North Port–Port Charlotte–Venice area. Some of the technologies that he has brought to the area are unique. In particular is the Perioscope, a tiny endoscope that is gently placed below the gumline that effectively reduces the need for periodontal surgery.

“Dr. Blackenburg is a diagnostician and will help the patient both in the direction of saving the teeth if possible or placing dental implants if that is more practical. Having been his mentor, I can assure you that you will be seeing the right doctor to help you in the direction of improving not only your ability to chew but also your ability to smile.”

— Lee N. Sheldon, DMD, Periodontist

“I have known Dr. Tyler Blackenburg my entire professional career, and when I need dental care or professional advice, he is at the top of my list. You will be hard pressed to find a dentist who is as knowledgeable and caring as Dr. Blackenburg.”

— Gregory A. Pette, DMD, MS Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology

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