Slide The practice’s beautiful office and friendly staff put patients at ease when
they come in for their dental treatment visits.
Slide Slide Patients are greeted with a warm welcoming smile. Slide Dr. Blackenburg puts patients at ease from the first handshake. Slide Dr. Blackenburg’s state-of-the-art 3D scanner creates high-quality
3D images (inset) for accurate planning of dental surgeries.
Slide Southwest Florida Periodontics
uses the Perioscope, a high-tech
endoscopic system that enables
the doctor to view the spaces
between the teeth and gums
with up to 48X magnification.
This makes it possible to perform
minimally invasive,
nonsurgical treatment.
Slide Dr. Blackenburg explains the procedure in easy-to understand terms. Slide A centrifuge extracts special
growth proteins from the
patient’s own blood, which are
used to minimize discomfort
and speed up healing.
Slide 3D treatment planning software enables the doctor to plan out implant surgeries with complete accuracy. Slide Slide The practice uses an ultrasonic
scaler to provide thorough
yet gentle teeth cleaning.
Slide Patients are kept comfortable at all times during treatment.