Denture Stabilization

denture stabilization

Increased Stability and Chewing Power

denture stabilization

Implant-supported, removable snap-in denture

Traditional dentures have many drawbacks. They often move around in the mouth while a person is eating certain foods or talking, and their slippage can cause irritation to the underlying gum. Traditional dentures lack chewing power and fail to prevent the bone loss that can result from having missing teeth.

Thanks to modern implant technology, Dr. Blackenburg can stabilize dentures to avoid these issues. Snap-on dentures are dentures that are supported by implants to keep them securely placed. They provide more chewing power than regular dentures, and there is no need to worry about slippage. Because the dentures are removable, they are easy to keep clean.

Precise Diagnostics

precise diagnostics

Our state-of-the-art 3D scanning device helps Dr. Blackenburg to ensure that the implants are stable and accurately placed. Dr. Blackenburg uses cutting-edge Snap Dental Imaging technology, which allows him to take a photo of your mouth and superimpose an image of your new teeth so that you can see the final outcome.

Dr. Blackenburg can place implants that snap onto new dentures, or he can often place implants to stabilize your existing dentures. Dr. Blackenburg typically places 2 to 4 implants on the lower arch and 4 implants on the upper arch.

Dr. Blackenburg also provides fixed-in teeth to replace a full arch of teeth in just one visit. Learn more about Teeth in One Day.

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